Making A Referral & Assessment Process


If you would like to make a referral, contact us by phone or complete the online referral form! Once a referral has been made, a Services Coordinator will be in contact to explain the program and set up a time to meet you and your child.

Phone: 402-597-4936

Or click below to refer online

Online Referral Form

Your Parental Rights

Parents have rights known as procedural safeguards that apply to every aspect of the early intervention process. Parental Rights include information on evaluation, access to records and parental involvement in the development of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP).

Parental Rights Part C (English) - Make sure you are familiar with your Parental Rights throughout the process. You can also talk to your Services Coordinator for more information. 

Assessment Process

During the assessment process, a review of medical records, observation and/or  an evaluation is completed.  Eligibility for services will be determined according to Nebraska Rule 52.

Eligibility and Next Steps

When your child is evaluated, an MDT (Multidisciplinary Team) meeting will be held to determine if your child is eligible for services in accordance with Nebraska & Federal Regulations. If your child qualifies, an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be developed. The IFSP is a plan of services driven by your concerns and priorities for your child and family. For more information about the IFSP visit

Transitioning Beyond Age 3

If your child continues to be eligible for services beyond age 3, services will continue through the school district. Talk to your Services Coordinator and Team to learn more about the transition, including options available and the differences between the IFSP and the IEP.